February 27, 2013

Pigasus HQ!

Hey everyone!

We're happy to anounce that Pigasus will be attending GDC 2013! Expect more information about our project and about the conferece itself, once our brave developers come back from their trip! (And they better bring pics or they can gtfo!)

Also we'll be starting a "meet team pigasus" (in case you're wondering, yes, we are valve fans) bringing you more details about our mighty developers! Yes, all four of them! Can't wait? Me neither!

On top of all that, we have a special bonus for you guys today, a quick look at the place where the magic happens! Enjoy!

This our task board and that's our CTO right there! Probably with more tasks for us... That's why he has that evil and twisted grin on his face.

Work, Work!

Sketches everywhere!

This is the famous "Pigasus Lounge"! It's our version of a google workspace!
(Maybe you haven't noticed, but we're still working on it!)

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