December 14, 2013

Latest News: Greenlight Video, Level Editor Tools and Screenshot Saturday!

What's up folks!

 Lately we´ve been playing a lot of Adventurezator! There's nothing better than making a game that can always surprise you in different ways. To prove how awesome our game is, I'm posting 2 videos here today.

  Greenlight Dreams! Check out this cutscene!
This one was made entirely using our "Cutscene Creator", what is this you ask? The Cutscene Creator is a standalone tool that you can download and create cutscenes in an easy and intuitive way, oh and it is free of charge! Just download and start playing around to create some cool stuff! 
If you didnt got the message, check this link and vote for us!

Now this one is full of awesomeness. You can check out the latest timelapse video of our Level Editor. The tool is getting better and better and we are working hard to make it as easy to use as it can be.                                                 

 Vote for us on Greenlight! 

Check out our homepage! 

And for this ''Screenshot Saturday'' I'll be posting a pretty nice concept/render of our Child Actor that you will be able to create with Advz Actor Creator.

It'a a boy that is also a girl!!

Stay tunned for more tastefull stuff in the next update.

December 7, 2013

December 2, 2013

December Update - SuperBRJam!

The December Adventurezator update is out - we show you our SuperBRJam entry, animation state machines, and other pretty stuff. Go check it out!